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  • n. Plural form of chrysalis.


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  • With their round dance the electrons spin chrysalises of that which abides, the inmost cocoons which do not open of their own accord but are of that which abides.

    Harry Martinson - Poetry

  • Most of the UK's butterflies spend the majority of the year as caterpillars or chrysalises.

    Are butterflies the UK's most beautiful endangered species? | Dan Flenley

  • "You can watch the butterflies come out of their chrysalises and fly around."

    10 great botanic gardens across the USA

  • One of our programs is the raising of monarch butterflies, and in this I may have made a minor discovery, that their chrysalises, of somewhat irregular shape, align in a certain direction, suggesting to me that they may use the Earth's magnetic field, in part, for their amazing migrations.

    Amateur astronomer Gus Johnson talks about his black hole discovery 31 years ago

  • I counted half a dozen chrysalises outside this morning, and those caterpillars may take months to complete the metamorphosis because of the cold weather, but because of the warm, cozy conditions this one's found, I expect it to emerge as a beautiful Gulf fritillary butterfly sometime within the next two weeks.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • And in August, Barry sometimes used to take the lepidopterists digging under the tree for the buried chrysalises of the moth.


  • You'd be surprised at how persistent they can be when they need to build their chrysalises.

    Why they call it fiction

  • For, although it was not strictly Cretan, he believed that the intricate image on its bezel represented the Minoan Mother Goddess among scenes from the afterlife; and he was particularly excited by the vague traces of what he interpreted as butterflies and chrysalises (of the common white), "symbols of the life beyond."

    Knossos: Fakes, Facts, and Mystery

  • It carries a design that bears a clear resemblance to the "Ring of Nestor," even featuring those otherwise unattested chrysalises.

    Knossos: Fakes, Facts, and Mystery

  • I often have similar thoughts about purses--namely, that bags are boring and should not look like bags, but instead like other things, like chrysalises with monarch-wing lining, sea creatures, or robots.

    More Fun With Pockets - A Dress A Day


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