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  • n. Poisoning caused by ingesting fish contaminated with ciguatoxin, characterized by gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms.

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  • n. A foodborne poisoning in humans caused by eating marine species whose flesh is contaminated with ciguatoxin.

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  • n. An affection believed by the natives of Central and South America to be caused by eating poisonous fish.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

American Spanish, from ciguato, one poisoned (with ciguatoxin), from cigua, sigua, snail, perhaps of Arawakan origin.


  • IV mannitol (1g/kg over 30 to 45 minutes) has been used to decrease the neurologic and muscular symptoms associated with ciguatera poisoning. 10,15 Mannitol therapy has gained acceptance as the treatment of choice in ciguatera poisoning but it is also controversial whether it has any therapeutic benefit. 8,10,15,16 Gabapentin is also used for the treatment of ciguatera poisoning but its efficacy is questionable. 13

    Fish poisonings and envenomations

  • Because fish caught in ciguatera-endemic areas are shipped nationwide, ciguatera fish poisoning can occur anywhere in the United States.


  • The word ciguatera stems from cigua, the Spanish name for a commonly eaten Caribbean mollusk that has been linked to the illness.

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  • They sometimes have this toxin called ciguatera, which will make you sick as hell.

    Again to Carthage

  • She also studied a common toxin that some fish absorb called ciguatera, which can poison humans. Top Stories

  • The incidence of diseases of marine organisms and the emergence of new pathogens is increasing, and some of these, such as ciguatera, harm human health.

    Ecosystems and Human Well-being Synthesis~ Summary for Decision-makers

  • If you are surviving on fish and shellfish in northern Queensland, you’ve got to be mindful of a thing called ciguatera.

    Surviving Australia

  • Ciguatera poisoning is the most frequent nonbacterial food poisoning worldwide. 12 More than 200 species of fish are known to cause ciguatera poisoning, the most common being grouper, red snapper, and barracuda.

    Fish poisonings and envenomations

  • The incidence of ciguatera poisoning is high (between 50 and 500 cases per 10,000 population) among the endemic areas of the Caribbean and South Pacific islands. 13

    Fish poisonings and envenomations

  • A characteristic symptom of ciguatera poisoning is heat-cold reversal.

    Fish poisonings and envenomations


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