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  • adj. Having a love of films or the cinema.


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cine- +‎ -philic


  • The festival is as much attention as Pabst has gotten of late, ever since Quentin Tarantino's multiple shout-outs to the director in his 2009 cinephilic rewriting of history, Inglourious Basterds.

    Thomas Gladysz: G.W. Pabst: A Film Director for All Seasons

  • Haskell inscribes Frankly, My Dear with psychoanalytic insight, hermeneutic precision, and cinephilic verve.

    Penelope Andrew: Haskell Captures the Dynamics Underlying an American Icon in Frankly, My Dear: Gone with the Wind Revisited

  • " Shoah, " of course, exerts a pull beyond cinephilic appreciation.

    A New Life for the Long Movie

  • I had seen Marienbad and Hiroshima and many more in crappy prints all through my cinephilic teens, and I had read and re-read James Monaco's 1978 book on Resnais too many times to mention.

    GreenCine Daily: Resnais. Coeurs and Muriel.

  • And '06 might as well have ended for me with the dull bang of The Departed, Scorsese's depressingly impersonal concession to corporate marketplace demands for a minimum of style and no discernible substance, particularly not of the cinephilic variety.

    GreenCine Daily: Lists, 1/4.

  • Cinephilic teenagers of the 1960s had The 400 Blows, Breathless, Dr. Strangelove; cinephilic teenagers of the 1970s has Harold and Maude, Chinatown, Taxi Driver; cinephilic teenagers of the 1980s had Repo Man, Blue Velvet, Stranger than Paradise; cinephilic teenagers of the 1990s had Rushmore.

    Happy Monday « Gerry Canavan

  • The Gotham-based cinephilic cabal known as the New York Film Critic Circle has announced its awards.

    Dark Horses: Little Gold Men Movie Blog

  • Everyone is describing it as a tremendous and privileged cinephilic experience, and talking up the "Dante's Inferno" retrospective screenings in general as one of the great cultural events of the year.

    Archive 2008-04-27

  • I've never claimed to have a talent for automatic writing, and certainly my gifts for cinephilic verisimiltude and CriticSpeak are not what they were when I was a lad; but those who take this view do so, I think, with a bit of short sighted-ness, however fashionable in some circles it may be.

    Housekeeping Matter #22 Guest Contributor Week: Aftermath

  • She complained that "one hardly finds anymore, at least among the young, the distinctive cinephilic love of movies" (which seems completely untrue) and concluded: "If cinephilia is dead, then movies are dead."

    Notes on Susan


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