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  • I was struck by the word cinerous: it clearly had something to do with ashes Latin cinis, root ciner-, but what exactly did it mean? ASHES TO ASHES.

  • I wish a happy holiday to those of my readers who celebrate it, and may the cinerous blur and smudge in which we live spare all of us any unnecessary grief. ASHES TO ASHES.

  • And to make matters worse, Aegypius monachus is known in English as both cinereous vulture and cinerous vulture. ASHES TO ASHES.

  • Seen in mass, and at a distance, the woodlands are a soft cinerous purple.

    Some Spring Days in Iowa

  • The neatly plaited folds of the leaves of the oak display a greenish or cinerous purple, a soft and delicate presentment of the stronger colors which come in October, just as the overture gives us faint voicings of the beauty which the opera is to bring; just as Lowell's organist gives us

    Some Spring Days in Iowa

  • -- Body fusiform, as in the last, but with smaller pectoral and dorsal but larger caudal fin; the back is straighter and not so much rounded on the shoulders, and the colour is bluish-cinerous or slaty, freckled with small irregular spots of brown or plumbeous, and longitudinal streaks of the same flecked with white; the under parts a shade lighter than rest of the body.

    Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon

  • Himalayan crane, pink-headed duck, Jerdon's courser, great Indian bustard, long billed vulture and cinerous vulture are endangered.

    The Times of India


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