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  • n. Plural form of circumflex.


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  • I remember a proposed French spelling adjustment that would have eliminated some maybe all? circumflexes.

    Debut Showcase: The Inferior

  • Joyce's circumflexes are unreported because they are obscured by the blue pencil, which appears black in photocopies (Joyce Archive, Vol. 12, p. 316).

    The Scandal of 'Ulysses'

  • The phrase is in Bloom's mind, so the circumflexes instead of the usual accents graves (è) may be his slip, not Joyce's.

    The Scandal of 'Ulysses'

  • In Kidd's article she learns that the disputed accents in ink and blueish pencil in Crème de la crème on a typescript at Buffalo are recorded identically on prototype page 29 and final synoptic edition page 370. since both fail to record the author's inked circumflexes beneath the pencilled grave accents she assumes that the facsimile transcriptions were checked neither before nor after 1979.

    'The Scandal of Ulysses': An Exchange

  • He had a long, sad face, like a tired workhorse's, and heavy black eyebrows that curved high in the middle and arched downward at each end -- circumflexes accenting the incurable stupidity of his expression.

    The Escape of Mr. Trimm His Plight and other Plights

  • This file has been encoded in UTF-8 and uses unicode characters in order to correctly display the full range of diacritics found in the original text, namely: breves (e.g. ĕ), indicating short vowels; circumflexes (e.g. â) indicating long vowels; vowels with diaeresis (e.g. ä) indicating vowels which should be sounded separately.

    In Court and Kampong Being Tales and Sketches of Native Life in the Malay Peninsula

  • And I find it gratifying that Jonathan Williams, the proprietor of The Jargon Society at the time, allowed Cutts the honour of his own orthography (complete with epenthetic u's and circumflexes) and punctuation-allowing him to be true to his language.

    dbqp: visualizing poetics

  • Qaai, which comprises 'inherited' characters; these are combining characters like circumflexes and umlauts, and

    MSDN Blogs

  • This means that NeoOffice will handle reading and writing of Western European characters (e.g. characters with accents, umlauts, circumflexes, cedillas, etc.) and some fonts will even handle Japanese, Chinese, and Korean ideographs.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • I know there are french and spanish books available for Kindle, so it will support at least basic stuff like c-cedilla, n-tilde, circumflexes, accents, umlauts, thorn, etc.


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