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  • adjective LGBT, of a person Not transsexual.


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From cis- +‎ sexual, by analogy with transsexual.


  • If we want a straight-only event or a "cissexual" event, we should be allowed to have that, no questions asked!

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  • Because being a feminist is – amongst other things – about actively working to bring about a society in which transphobia, cissexism, trans-misogyny, hate speech, discrimination, prejudice and the oppression of transsexual women by cissexual women is no more acceptable than racism, homophobia, ageism, ableism, you name it.

    Rant’O'Rama #01

  • I often use the words trans (short for transsexual) – my definition of the term is in my earlier post trans woman (link here) – and cis, short for cissexual.

    Yet another trans 101, in which Helen tells cis people What’s What

  • Coming back to cissexual vs cisgender, this distinction is why, when I use the term ‘cis’, I mean ‘cissexual’, not ‘cisgender’.

    Yet another trans 101, in which Helen tells cis people What’s What

  • And, correlatively, a person who takes to adjective “cis” (whether cisgender or cissexual) is someone for whom assigned gender (/sex) and self-assigned gender (/sex) are in accord.

    Third-Gendering « Bound, Not Gagged

  • There's a reason Frank N. Furter is queer in every sense - pansexual instead of gay or straight, a transvestite instead of male, female, cissexual, or transsexual - and his goal the entire movie is to corrupt Janet and Brad.

    Alex Blaze: Glee Neuters Rocky: "Tranny" Is OK but "Transsexual" Isn't?

  • If one who has crossed some invisible, socially-constructed sex or gender line is said to be transsexual or transgender, someone who has not, who has remained on their assigned “side” of the spectrum, could be described as cissexual or cisgender.

    linkspam: cis-, cissexism, cissexual « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • So someone who is assigned female/woman and identifies as female/woman is cissexual.

    Third-Gendering « Bound, Not Gagged

  • My point is that those forms of discrimination are routinely called out by a feminism which then seems content to turn a blind eye to the hate speech spewing from the disproportionately loud mouths of a toxic minority of cissexual women who feel they are entitled to claim feminism as their own exclusive little club. links for 2009-02-15 « Shut Up, Sit Down Says:

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