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  • n. One who, or that which, civilizes.

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  • n. One who, or that which, civilizes or tends to civilize.

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  • n. One who or that which civilizes. Also spelled civiliser.


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civilize +‎ -er


  • What is our role in South Asia if not that of a "civilizer"?

    Stuart Whatley: Civilizing Afghanistan While We Decivilize Ourselves

  • The "civilizer" has no intention of ever seeing the object of his desire "completed", but rather in a constant process of tutelage and "improvement".

    Kuo Kuan-ying = Fan Lan-chin?

  • Fu-ch'ai's surviving friends had indeed a very lively stimulus indeed-the fear of instant death-to drive them tumultuously over the seas; and doubtless, as they must have been perfectly harmless after tossing about hungry in open boats for weeks together, they would be as welcome to the Japanese king, or to the petty chief or chiefs who received the waifs, as in our own times was the honest sailor Will Adams when he drifted friendless to Japan, and whose statue now adorns a great Japanese city as that of a man who was, in a humble way, also a "civilizer" of Japan (600 A.D.).

    Ancient China Simplified

  • In Africa the last flood of Germanic invasions spent itself within hearing of the last gasp of Byzantium, and it was through Africa that Islam came to play its great rôle of conqueror and civilizer.


  • Charles Mackay, in his 1841 classic, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, explained that dissatisfaction with one's lot in life, far from leading to evil, has been the "great civilizer of our race."

    Leapfrogging: How Civilizations Progress And Make Smart Decisions

  • The dichotomy between “forwardness” and “backwardness” is a scale constructed and enforced by the civilizer to validate his civilizing/colonial project.

    Hartzell and Lin lose on appeal

  • As long as the civilizer dangles the carrot of completion, he has cause to continue his project.

    Kuo Kuan-ying = Fan Lan-chin?

  • In other words, if we understand the terms of colonialism established by Edward Said in his seminal work Orientalism, we discover the civilizer must define the object of his desire as inferior and thus in need of civilization, he must also determine that they can be improved and refined through his civilizing project.

    Hartzell and Lin lose on appeal

  • With the Nation tied so closely with constructed histories, constructed high culture and state constructed ethnicities, Ma's solution will maintain the gap between the civilizer and the "object" of their project.

    Kuo Kuan-ying quotes and more background

  • Amyas was accustomed to this inquiry after the mythic civilizer of the forest Indians, who, after carving the mysterious sculptures which appear upon so many inland cliffs of that region, returned again whence he came, beyond the ocean.

    Westward Ho!


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