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  • County Mayo, showed that th 'sthreet clanin' conthract had been give to a Swede be th 'name iv Oleson; an' over in th 'Nineteenth Wa-ard th' County Watherford is all stirred up because Johnny Powers is filled th 'pipe-ya-ard with his own rilitives.

    Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen

  • Ye see, th 'Army has to be fed, and the threnches has to be claned and drained, and so on, and the English does the cookin' and clanin 'for the Irish.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, January 26, 1916

  • Me an 'me family were up stairs, clanin' out an office that has just been rinted.

    The Rover Boys in Business Or, The search for the missing bonds

  • A lawyer has charge iv the city horse-shoein ', another wan is clanin' th 'sthreets, th' author iv 'Gasamagoo on torts' is thryin 'to dispose iv th' ashes be throwin 'thim in th' air on a windy day, an 'th' bright boy that took th 'silver ware f'r th' essay on ne exeats an 'their relation to life is plannin' a uniform that will be sarviceable an 'constitchoochinal f'r th' brave men that wurruks on th 'city dumps.

    Observations By Mr. Dooley

  • "Then why be I called out i 'the midst o' my clanin '?

    I Saw Three Ships and Other Winter Tales

  • Shure I'll be afther clanin 'up. An' niver a shcold I'll shcold yez if ye'll kape outen o 'my kitchen afther this. "

    Marjorie at Seacote

  • I ginerally do the swapin ', and me wife or Kittie, me daughter, do the winder clanin' an 'the dustin'. "

    The Rover Boys in Business Or, The search for the missing bonds

  • "Afther that, phat was his mother to do but lave aff an’ go to bed, that she done, givin’ Finn all the talk in her head an’ a million curses besides, for she was mightily vexed at bein’ bate that way an’ was in a divil av a timper along o’ the house-clanin’, that always puts wimmin into

    Irish Wonders

  • "’A-a-ah, baithershin,’ says his mother to him; ’phat d’ye mane be talkin’ that-a-way, an’ me workin’ me fingers to the bone clanin’ the house for ye, an’ relavin’ ye av all the coortin’ so as ye’d not be bothered in the laste wid it.’

    Irish Wonders


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