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  • n. A mechanism for dynamically loading classes into a virtual machine.


class +‎ loader (Wiktionary)


  • Reloading Java Classes 201, it is amazingly easy to leak a classloader and quickly run out of heap causing an OutOfMemoryError.

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  • It allows you to modularize your system into "bundles" which essentially firewall their own classloader space.

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  • · Pluggable class resolvers, making it easy to customize classloader policy, by implementing a small interface (rather than having to subclass the Object*Stream classes) · Pluggable object replacement (also without subclassing) · Pluggable predefined class tables, which can dramatically decrease stream size and serialization time for stream types which frequently use a common set of classes

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  • The main advantage is that each Maven plugin can use whatever dependencies it want and those Maven plugins are executed in their own context/classloader.

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  • Higher integrated specifications, simple and annotation driven, single-classloader WARs.

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  • In combination with the single-classloader model of WAR-deployment this is very handy for even the smallest applications.

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  • Higher integrated specifications, simple and annotation driven, single-classloader WARs, next level of industry standard

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  • In prior releases of BIRT, the classloader while in the designer would search all projects within the workspace to locate a class that was used within the design.

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  • Version 3.9.11 has classloader exception fixed for non-IBM virtual machines


  • Look also for many fixes for Rails 3, including start-up time improvements, reduced memory use for Java class metadata, faster loading of Java classes and jar-in-jar support in the classloader. here.

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