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  • n. A thin lamina of grey matter in each cerebral hemisphere of the human brain.

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  • n. A thin lamina of gray matter in each cerebral hemisphere of the brain of man.

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  • n. In anatomy, a thin sheet of gray matter lying between the extraventricular or lenticular portion of the corpus striatum of the brain and the island of Reil. See striatum.
  • n. In ichthyology, one of the chain of ossicles or bonelets of the ear, between the vestibule and the airbladder.

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  • n. a layer of grey matter in the brain adjacent to the lenticular nucleus


Latin, a bolt or bar. (Wiktionary)


  • The claustrum is a thin sheet of grey matter that is parallel to and below part of the cortex, as illustrated by images from Crick's paper here.

    Mind Hacks: Francis Crick has left the building

  • Juno of that aggravation of guilt which the lawyers call a claustrum fregit, and which makes the distinction between burglary and privately stealing.) ` ` I am truly sorry, sir, '' said Hector, ` ` that Juno has committed so much disorder; but Jack Muirhead, the breaker, was never able to bring her under command.

    The Antiquary

  • Rintherout’s precaution of leaving the door open when she went down to the fisher’s cottage, will probably acquit poor Juno of that aggravation of guilt which the lawyers call a claustrum fregit, and which makes the distinction between burglary and privately stealing.

    The Antiquary

  • Studies in patients with fibromyalgia show that pain catastrophizing is associated with increased activity in brain areas related to anticipation of pain (medial frontal cortex, cerebellum), attention to pain (dorsal ACC, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex), emotional aspects of pain (claustrum, closely connected to amygdala) and motor control.

    Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Pain Catastrophizing in Severe Obesity

  • One fascinating interpretation of the architectural symbolism intrinsic in the layout of the buildings surrounding the cloister is by William Durandus 13th c. in his Rationale Divinorum Officiorum according to which the church building symbolises the Church Triumphant and the claustrum signifies heavenly paradise:


  • Just as the Church building symbolises the Church Triumphant, so is the claustrum a symbol of the heavenly paradise, a paradise where all will live together with one heart, rooted in the Love and Will of God, where all possessions will be held in common, where love will make each one possess in another whatever he may lack in himself.


  • In my analytic writing, I had long felt that claustrophobia was a converging point of all anxieties, and that the claustrum, the space that was closing in, was the symbol for choking, no air to breathe, the ultimate somatic background for anxiety.

    Dr. Leo Rangell: Music in the Head: Living at the Brain-Mind Border; Part 1

  • I think the most recent time was when activity in certain areas of my brain (the claustrum, left caudate and putamen, right middle occipital/middle temporal gyri and bilateral cingulate gyrus) caused me, quite against my will, to become attracted to Susan from Narnia Episode IV (who turns out to be 17, so it's OK anyway).

    You can'ta fool me

  • Written with his collaborator Christof Koch, it concerns a little known part of the brain called the claustrum.

    Mind Hacks: Francis Crick has left the building

  • Crick and Koch argue that the claustrum is probably connected to all of the cortex, and has a significant role in emotion, suggesting it may be involved in the 'binding' of emotion and the senses into a single conscious experience.

    Mind Hacks: August 2005 Archives


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