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  • A diminutive termination, of Latin origin, occurring in article, particle, corpuscle, muscle, homuncle, etc., the diminutive force being in some cases unfelt in English.


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  • The tragic insight at the core of the Salon arti­cle is how the man who cre­ated and enforced this ideal — Mike Jef­fries — can­not attain it him­self, no mat­ter how much he wants to.

    Wanna Be Like Mike? « Snarkmarket

  • The guy pro­filed in the arti­cle is James Kakalios, a physics prof at the Uni­ver­sity of Min­nesota.

    Superhero Physics « Snarkmarket

  • The NYT arti­cle is a good run-through of what has hap­pened to it since its incep­tion, of the play­ers involved in the debate now and how they came by their posi­tions, and looks at some of the pos­si­ble treatments.

    Hacking the NYT « Snarkmarket

  • The 6,200-word arti­cle is some­how chock full of fas­ci­nat­ing lit­tle rev­e­la­tions.

    Citizens of EverQuest « Snarkmarket

  • In so far as the arti­cle is about any­thing, it’s about the replace­ment of a cen­tral­ized city orga­nized around indus­try and labor by a decen­tral­ized city orga­nized around infor­ma­tion and com­merce.

    Detroit Tag City? What? « Snarkmarket

  • Jan­ice Fraser, the author of this arti­cle, is facil­i­tat­ing a dis­cus­sion about what’s new on the Inter­net — what devel­op­ments like Flickr, Tech­no­rati, Del., &c. mean.

    Supernova: Whole New Internet? « Snarkmarket

  • I won­der why — espe­cially since so much of the arti­cle is about EPIC — she didn’t write you guys and ask for com­ment, or at least let you know she was writ­ing the arti­cle.

    EPIC Is Pretty in Pink « Snarkmarket

  • Also, from the game­spy arti­cle is a link to last year’s com­pe­ti­tion, to cre­ate a LoveStory.

    Emily Dickinson: The Game « Snarkmarket

  • 'W'en I k'n read my titles cle'r -- an' w'en I see de martins swawmin 'atter sundown -- an' w'en I year de peckerwoods confabbin 'togedder dese moonshiny nights in my een er town -- en I knows de hot wedder's a breakin' up, an 'I know it's 'bout time fer po' fokes fer ter be rastlin '' roun 'and huntin' up dere rashuns.

    Uncle Remus, his songs and his sayings

  • Hit useter be a _common_ sayin 'in Jones, an' cle'r 'cross into Jasper, that pa would 'a bin a rich man an ''a owned _niggers_ if it hadn't but 'a bin bekase he sot his head agin stintin' of his stomach.

    Mingo And Other Sketches in Black and White


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