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  • Eddie was there, and I could tell by his clean-washed hands and the suit he was wearing that Eddie was hoping to bump into that girl.


  • Here long poles are hung with immense skeins of dyed worsted put out to dry; there, on ropes, dance clean-washed shirts; higher up, on a shelf, volumes display their freshly marbled edges; women sing, husbands whistle, children shout; the carpenter saws his planks, a copper-turner makes the metal screech; all kinds of industries combine to produce a noise which the number of instruments renders distracting.

    The Commission in Lunacy

  • The atmosphere was no longer the same as in the sonata, the questioning phrases became more pressing, more uneasy, the answers more mysterious; the clean-washed air of morning and evening seemed to influence even the instruments.

    The Captive

  • Gods, it was beautiful out here, even in the middle of all his trouble, he had to admit that: rocks and sturdy northern forest all clean-washed and glittering in the first rays of sunlight breaking through the dissipating clouds.

    And Other Tales Of Valdemar

  • There was not a particle of the professional street-singer about Baubie Wishart, the child of that species being generally clean-washed, or at least soapy, of face, with lank, smooth-combed and greasy hair; and usually, too, with a smug, sanctimonious air of meriting a better fate.

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. XVI., December, 1880.

  • Mix some good moist sugar with a little brandy, sufficient to wet it, then mix some clean-washed currants with the former, put a little upon each bit of paste, close them up, and put the side that is closed next the tin they are to be baked upon.

    Dishes & Beverages of the Old South

  • But next morning the sun was shining brightly, there was a fresh, clean-washed feeling in the air, and as Judith stood at the open casement window in the dining-room waiting for the others to come down to breakfast, she saw to her joy that the maple trees in the garden were beginning to put out their tiny red flowers.

    Judy of York Hill

  • The feeling I had first had in respect to it never came back again in its first force; and when I looked at it with the refreshment of rest in my own heart, and the brightness of the clean-washed earth and heaven about it and above it, I could afford to smile at the womanish foreboding and chill of the night before.

    In Direst Peril

  • The pair had taken hands and were running now, running over the clean-washed, shiny pavement.

    A Sheaf of Corn

  • He showed me the proceeds of his last week's work -- 14 lbs. avoirdupois of clean-washed gold.

    What I Saw in California


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