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  • adjective superlative form of clean: most clean.
  • verb archaic Second-person singular simple present form of clean.


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  • He was at ILM having a chat with Charles Alleneck when he took this photo, and now, right here, at this moment, I decree that this is to be forever known as the cleanest mass of open-boxed figures ever seen by mankind.

    World Famous Design Junkies » 2010 » April

  • The military leader, who seized power in 1985, insists he will restore Nigeria to civilian rule on Aug. 27, That promise didn't stop him from voiding the results of the June 12 presidential elections, which many international monitors called the cleanest in the nation's history.

    Democracy: Nigeria's Bad Example

  • Copenhagen were described as the cleanest, while London, Paris and Rome were derided as the dirtiest. -- Top News

  • Newfound Lake to the west is known as the cleanest lake in New Hampshire.


  • Newfound Lake to the west is known as the cleanest lake in New Hampshire.


  • The "cleanest" coal is found in the western United States.

    This Primary Is Gettting Dirty

  • From my vantage point, Obama has the "cleanest" path to the nomination.

    Hillary Challenging Obama To Free-Form Debates

  • Quite possibly the "cleanest" dish I've ever had at a fine dining establishment that wasn't a crudo or tartare of some sort.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • With Purell and baby wipes in hand, I took my son into the rest-stop, and decided to go to the 'family bathroom', thinking it would the 'cleanest' of all our choices.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Ask a secular Palestinian or Lebanese civilian which of their political parties they trust most, and even the most begrudging among them may name Hamas or Hezbollah as the "cleanest" of their politicians.

    Sharmine Narwani: Interview: Hezbollah And Hamas on Obama, Netanyahu, Terrorism ... And Oprah


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