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  • adjective cleft or cloven


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  • Man-made steel met inhuman flesh and black bone, and ... the ancient broadsword cleaved through the demon's wrist.

    Conan the Fearless

  • Mica is also another example of laminated cleavage, for given care, and a thin, fine knife to divide the plates, this mineral may be "cleaved" to such remarkably thin sheets as to be unable to sustain the most delicate touch without shattering.

    The Chemistry, Properties and Tests of Precious Stones

  • Some sampled treats and cocktails made from coconut while Key West's "coconut man" cleaved "edible bowling balls" in two with a machete.

    CBS 4: World News Videos

  • "cleaved," we obtain strips which are often perfectly parallel, that is, of equal thickness throughout their whole length, and of such uniformity of surface that it is difficult or even impossible to distinguish one strip from another.

    The Chemistry, Properties and Tests of Precious Stones

  • "cleaved," the fractured part is more readily severed, and usually takes

    The Chemistry, Properties and Tests of Precious Stones

  • Since the 1950s one major shock and two major aftershocks have shaken and cleaved the American religious landscape, successively thrusting a large portion of one generation of Americans in a secular direction, then in reaction thrusting a different group of the population in a conservative religious direction, and finally in counterreaction to that first aftershock, sending yet another generation of Americans in a more secular direction.

    American Grace

  • Radamyntos cleaved its skull in two from right to left.

    Archive 2010-05-01

  • And it likes the ruling, highlighting that it cleaved the mandate from the rest of the act.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Court Gives 2009 Republicans A Big Win

  • Still, he's better off than the Mountain's horse, cleaved in two after a disastrous joust.

    Matt's TV Week in Review

  • A nine-game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays has been cleaved in half.

    So Why Isn't Boston Panicking?


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