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  • noun Plural form of cleft.


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  • It came upon England like one of those sudden spates through mountain clefts in spring, that fall with havoc on the plains beneath.

    England's Effort: Letters to an American Friend

  • Seen from a distance, there appeared to be nothing but stone there; but when one came closer, there were to be found the choicest goose tidbits in clefts and hollows, and one might search long for better nesting places than those that were hidden in the mountain crevices or among the osier bushes.

    Further Adventures of Nils

  • Around the dark water gathered in clefts and hollows there was now no wood-sorrel.

    Further Adventures of Nils

  • The aspect of fiery meteors had led the ancients likewise to the idea of clefts or openings ( 'chasmata') in the vault of heaven.

    COSMOS: A Sketch of the Physical Description of the Universe, Vol. 1

  • Each year around 100,000 raw blades made of willow, known as clefts, are exported from England to India and Pakistan where they are made into the finished product.

    IBN Top Headlines

  • However, there could be aspects of this setting that could damage a dragon, such as clefts in the ground covered by illusion.

    Robot Adept

  • If the sharp nodosities of character caught his eye, its mysterious recesses and labyrinthine alleys allured his curiosity; this lover of "clefts," this pryer among tangled locks and into the depths of flower-bells, peered into all the nooks and chambers of the soul with inexhaustible enterprise.

    Robert Browning

  • His "clefts" and "wedges" owe their attraction not only to their intricate angularity but to the violent cleavings and thrustings apart which they result from or produce.

    Robert Browning

  • It is not my intention to give a complete description of the various lunar features, and I mention but one other -- the "clefts" or "rills," which are to be seen running across the surface like cracks.

    Other Worlds Their Nature, Possibilities and Habitability in the Light of the Latest Discoveries

  • The narrow sharp line leading from the crater to the left is one of those remarkable "clefts" which traverse the moon in so many directions.

    The Story of the Heavens


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