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  • verb Present participle of clem.


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  • Even the middle classes suffered, and the poor could only meet such trouble by 'clemming' or self-starvation.

    Victorian Worthies Sixteen Biographies

  • Yet I would have thee look to this at least; that I took thee from poverty and pinching, and have reared thee as faithfully as ever mother did to child; clemming thee never, smiting thee not so oft, and but seldom cruelly.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • How they're clemming and starving poor weavers like me

    The Sherat Weaver

  • 'Ay, dearie,' she would say, 'it is not much to look back upon except in an angel's sight, -- a poor old woman's life, who worked and struggled to keep her master and children from clemming.

    Uncle Max

  • Hoo's just sinking away -- not for want o 'meat hersel' -- but because hoo cannot stand th 'sight o' the little ones clemming.

    North and South

  • Yet not for his sake; for where'er he is, and whate'er, he'll ne'er know other clemming or cold again; but for the wife's sake, and the bits o 'childer.'

    North and South

  • 'It would tax my pride above a bit; if it were for mysel', I could stand a deal o 'clemming first; I'd sooner knock him down than ask a favour from him.

    North and South

  • I have heerd they're a pack of spiritless, down-trodden men; welly clemmed to death; too much dazed wi 'clemming to know when they're put upon.

    North and South

  • Hamper's -- that's where I worked -- makes their men pledge 'emselves they'll not give a penny to help th' Union or keep turnouts fro 'clemming.

    North and South

  • Our business being, yo 'understand, to take the bated' wage, and be thankful, and their business to bate us down to clemming point, to swell their profits.

    North and South


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