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  • n. A cog-wheel having the cogs inclined on one face and radial on the other, so disposed that they present the inclined faces to a click, pawl, ratchet, or detent, in the direction in which the wheel moves, while the radial faces on the opposite side engage the detent and keep the wheel from moving backward. Also called ratchet-wheel.


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  • Gone is the iconic click-wheel, whose navigation duties will be taken over by the Nano's multi-touch display.

    Apple revamped iPods, iTunes, and more

  • I first got hooked on Peggle for the click-wheel iPod last year.

    Wired Top Stories

  • The Storm posed a special challenge for RIM because the company's operating system had always been tailored to a keyboard and click-wheel or track-ball for navigation, rather than a touch screen.

    BlackBerry Storm Is Off To Bit of a Bumpy Start

  • What made the nano possible, says Jobs, is "great engineering" that required designing a wafer-thin click-wheel, compressing the electronics and using chip-based "flash" memory instead of the hard disk drive that stores tunes on the mini and the regular iPod.

    Honey, I Shrunk The Ipod. A Lot.

  • Introduced at a much-touted Apple launch event last week, it blends the weightlessness of the no-screen, low-capacity iPod Shuffle with all the features of top-of-the-line iPods, like navigational click-wheel, color screen and playlists on the go.

    Honey, I Shrunk The Ipod. A Lot.

  • The intuitive click-wheel is used to select available letters from your hand and place the tile on the 15×15 grid.

    Play Scrabble on your iPod | Sync Blog

  • When the iPhone opportunity popped up, Mr. Vos adds, he quickly saw the potential of such a device, which could offer a much more interactive functionality than the click-wheel versions of the iPod, where many of Elsevier's contents had previously resided.

    Programmers Jockey for iPhone Users at Apple Site

  • The one key thing that sets Apple products apart from the pack is their fundamental simplicity, a hallmark of the company's products from the first graphical user interface of the original Mac in 1984 to the click-wheel of 2001's iPod.

    iPhone: The world in the palm of your hand

  • But the combination of the click-wheel and the iconic white body and matching earbud headphones are clear indicators of the brand in the early days of the player when Jobs, taking a cue from Henry Ford, offered the iPod in every color, as long as it was white, and when there was no such thing as the Zune, or even any plans for Microsoft to get into the music-player market.

    Empire of Signs: Notes Towards An Archaeology of Clip Art

  • Hardly going to improve when “Wheels on the Bus” or “Bob the Builder” appear under the click-wheel scrutiny, is it?

    space invaders


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