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  • n. The quality of being clickable, of causing a particular action when clicked
  • n. The ability of a foam to retain its original shape after cutting, without deformation or burrs


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c. 1970 (manufacturing), c. 1990 (computing) clickable +‎ -ity


  • This trailer for Just Cause 2 coming March for PC, PS3 and XBox360 is cool... it's a choose your own adventure system using the clickability of YouTube. Gaming Archives

  • Besides if clickability was the only issue you still got your image and shop name in the showcase.

    Is Etsy Ripping Off its Sellers? I, for One, Want My Money Back

  • Yeah, I think clickability and interactivity more generally is indeed important.

    Experiments With TagPie - Freshblog

  • “Textual links should be colored and underlined to achieve the best perceived affordance of clickability, though there are a few exceptions to these guidelines.”

    Bill Gates Mentions Weblogs, RSS in Speech « ResourceShelf

  • There's also a clever title (for that clickability effect), content that can be quickly if not instantaneously grasped, something imaginative, a clean design, a cluster of early adopters … to name just a few possible factors.

    "BANPC" via James Bow in Google Reader

  • The seriously large (around 500 megabytes) app is also chock-full of what one presumes is high-ticket advertising, and there's an interesting innovation here - the clickability of

    The Register

  • - Fixed close button clickability problem after switching skin while maximized


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    Internet Ad Sales

  • I like to write for users first, and then search engines, so effective SEO copy must consider clickability. Latest Articles

  • I have a folder of video clips (and corresponding images for aesthetic clickability) on a network share.


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