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  • noun Plural form of cliometrician.


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  • The next battle, the one against Time on the Cross by the "cliometricians" Robert W. Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman, places a severe strain on the patience, not to mention the gallantry, of our intrepid guide.

    The Cult of the Lost Cause

  • The only possible exception to this generalization are the self-styled "cliometricians," whose self-confidence currently knows no bounds.

    Tuchman and History

  • But they remain important; for it is ideas and not the 'hard data' of the quantifiers and 'cliometricians' that people have in their heads when they do the things that make history.

    The Uses of Antislavery

  • Thanks to The Belmont Club, I came across a fascinating article by Richard Fogel, dean of the cliometricians.

    A Fact a Day About Obamacare – Day Six: Why Medical Costs Rise

  • Thanks to The Belmont Club, I came across a fascinating article by Richard Fogel, dean of the cliometricians.

    Stromata Blog:

  • Akenson's writings are representative of an increasing focus in the Irish historiography on quantitative analysis in the latter decades of the twentieth century, a shift which has led some critics to bemoan the predominance of cliometricians in the field.

    Gutenber-e Help Page

  • Surrounded by annalistes and cliometricians, modern professional historians of all persuasions, Lukacs has diligently digested the past and regurgitated it in English, in 11 books over nearly 40 years, while living in rural Chester County splendor in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

    Economic Principals

  • There was not much place for the entrepreneur in the world of fully-maximizing rational decision-makers that was represented by the new econometric models of the cliometricians.

    Economic Principals

  • Economics departments very quickly became interested in having new economic historians, or, as we came to call ourselves, cliometricians

    Douglass C. North - Autobiography

  • He then twists the knife by a comparison of the cliometricians with the southern historian Ulrich B. Phillips, author of what once held the record as "the classic account of slavery as a benign institution."

    The Cult of the Lost Cause


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