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  • n. Burdock or agrimony.
  • v. To climb; ascend.
  • v. To split; separate; cleave; chop.


From Middle English cliven, from Old English clīfan ("to cleave, adhere, stick"), from Proto-Germanic *klībanan (“to glue, stick”), from Proto-Indo-European *gleybʰ- (“to lubricate, stick”). Cognate with Dutch kleven ("to adhere, stick"), German kleben ("to adhere, stick"), Swedish kliva ("to climb, stalk"), Icelandic klífa ("to climb, ascend"). (Wiktionary)
From Middle English, from Old English clife ("clifers (cleavers), burdock"). Cognate with Middle Dutch kleve, klijve ("burdock"), Middle Low German klive ("burdock"). (Wiktionary)
From Middle English cliven, from Old Norse klyfja, klufða ("to split, chop, cleave"), from Proto-Germanic *kleubanan (“to split, pick”), from Proto-Indo-European *glewbʰ- (“to cut, carve, peel”). Cognate with Old English clēofan ("to cleave, split, separate"). More at cleave. (Wiktionary)



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