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  • n. The dial or face of a clock, on which the time is shown.
  • n. The reading of a clock.


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  • But before she could even register the time on the clock-face, the words inscribed on the inside cover struck her like ice water.

    Aching for Always

  • Doctor Who #2:ÂÂArchie Maplin may not be a proper companion, but he manages to steal the show in the issue, as the Doctor is saved from being crushed by a train, then embarks on a silent-film chase filmed by a handy camera crew, since this is Hollywood and all that ends withÂThe Doctor and his nemesisÂhanging off a clock-face ala Harold Lloyd.

    Review: Rapid-Fire Reviews - Labor Day Edition | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • Is a petty bald clock-face which merely tells the hour equal to that?

    Les Miserables

  • There is a reason there are 12 signs of the Zodiac and 12 hours on a clock-face.

    Continuing the Spiral

  • And on they came, headed by a giant of buckram and pasteboard armor, forth of whose stomach looked, like a clock-face in a steeple, a human visage, to be greeted, as was the fashion then, by

    Westward Ho!

  • And accordingly re-entering a thicket of pines that descended to the very borders of the town, there to wait until morning, being able to tell by a small clock-face which showed upon the sides of a small church tower, when the hour for emerging had arrived.

    An American Tragedy

  • But, the sun burst forth gaily in the afternoon, and gilded the old gables, and old mullioned windows, and old weathercock and old clock-face, of the quaint old house which is the dwelling of the man we sought.

    Contributions to All the Year Round

  • It was two stories high, and above it, on two arches, rose a belvedere where a watchman stood; a huge clock-face was let into the roof.

    Taras Bulba

  • Instead, going back to the clock-face image, hold your rod tip at an 11:00 position the higher the tip, the more sensitive the feel.

    Caught Me a Big ’Un . . . and then I let him go!

  • Inside it, a tiny gold clock-face marked the time at five minutes past three.

    The Waste Lands


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