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  • n. Plural form of clodhopper. (especially referring to heavy or clumsy shoes)


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  • It meant disgrace, defeat; and this fire was as a seal of vassalage affixed to my arms by those I called clodhoppers and serfs.


  • He wore shoes we used to call clodhoppers, great heavy things with squared-off toe caps.


  • The word "clodhoppers" was coined to describe early congressmen from the back country of Pennsylvania.

  • Yes, once again, it was the same Ian Judge staging, an animated, fluent show that mixes up 18th-century period niceties and '50s culture - a tippling Countess languishes on her bed dialing a big, clunky, corded phone, the men at times wear britches and stockings with their buckled clodhoppers, later choosing modern-day suits.

    Donna Perlmutter: Postino and Figaro: Underclass Heroes Who Usher in L.A. Opera's 25th Season

  • The UK 8s fit my size-ten-and-a-fraction clodhoppers perfectly: if anything, I have room for cushy socks, even, and usually shoes pinch my feet until they break in.

    mary mary quite contrary

  • Get used to rediscovering the big clay clodhoppers on your Savior.

    Matthew Yglesias » Bygones

  • A very elegant, cerebral, urbane cattle-prod, mind: they are the best attacking team in the world by miles, and have the capacity to slay even that most sacred of cows: Brazil's utterly useless 1970 collection of clodhoppers.

    Provocatively Clad Lovely Girls; and A Cattle-Prod To The Netherlands

  • My feet had always been clumsy, cringing inside my clodhoppers, my legs had always been tardy, flagging beneath my skirts.


  • My conservative pump heels moved like clodhoppers over the sloping grassy hill to the lake.

    Silver Zombie

  • Now it was pandemonium below stairs, and the building shook as about fifty clodhoppers surged in, hollering and crashing among the furniture and firing from the windows.



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