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  • n. Any salt or ester of clodronic acid
  • n. The sodium salt of clodronic acid, used as a bone resorption inhibitor and antihypercalcemic agent


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  • The drugs, called clodronate and etidronate, steal the DNA binding site, preventing relaxase from handling DNA.

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  • In this work, we demonstrated the efficacy of a new class of non-N-BPs which exhibited higher antiproliferative activities on breast cancer cells compared to previously described non-N-BPs such as clodronate

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  • He injected liposomes containing clodronate, a drug that can cause cell death, into the lateral cerebral ventricle.

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  • The "clodronate liposomes" video is also posted on youtube:

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  • Frith, J, Mönkkönen J, Auriola, S, Mönkkönen H, and Rogers MJ (2001) The molecular mechanism of action of the antiresorptive and anti-inflammatory drug clodronate.

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  • Frith, J, Mönkkönen J, Blackburn GM, Russell RGG, and Rogers MJ (1997) Clodronate and liposome-encapsulated clodronate are metabolized to a toxic ATP analog, adenosine 5

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  • Rogers MJ, Azhayev A, Väänänen HK, and Hassinen, I.E. (2002) Further insight into mechanism of action of clodronate: inhibition of mitochondrial ADP / ATP translocase by a nonhydrolyzable, adenine-containing metabolite.

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  • We established that this new class of BPs was the more potent among the current non N-BPs since clodronate, even used at 1600 mg twice daily during several weeks (as compared to BP7033 ALK corresponding human dose of 770 mg twice a week during only 2 weeks) failed to reduce primary tumor growth

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  • It was worth to note that we demonstrated for the first time a dramatic improvement of antiproliferative effect of non-N-BPs on breast cancer cells since clodronate at the same concentration range (200 µM) and the same time-treatment

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  • In addition, clodronate demonstrated mitogenic effects via MCF7 estrogenic receptor

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