from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • v. Archaic A past tense and a past participle of climb.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of climb.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • imp. & p. p. of climb (for climbed).

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • See cloam.
  • n. Obsolete or poetical preterit of climb.


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  • Mamma was at the Willard waiting for "those darling children" to come, and when, much later than he was expected, "dear Paul" arrived alone and in a greatly perturbed state of mind, mother and son had considerable food for thought until the midnight car carried them back to Annapolis, where Paul "clomb" the wall at the water's edge and "snoke" into quarters (in Bancroft's vernacular) in the wee, sma 'hours, a weary, disgusted and unamiable youth.

    Peggy Stewart at School

  • Luckily some passers by noticed, and a man walked into the river and set upa branch for the koala to clomb back up and out.

    Saving the Koala in the River

  • Some while later he contemptuously clomb the knoll anew and preached in a voice filled with fulmination: "God consists of three potatoes and seven turnips which have been combined in an ingenious manner."

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • And when his lines were ended he wept, till he swooned away, and abode in his swoon a long while; but as soon as he came to himself, he looked right and left and seeing no one in the desert, he became fearful of the wild beasts; so he clomb to the top of a high mountain, where he heard the voice of a son of Adam speaking within

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Then he arose and clomb the mast to see an there were any escape from that strait; and he would have loosed the sails; but the wind redoubled upon the ship and whirled her round thrice and drave her backwards; whereupon her rudder brake and she fell off towards a high mountain.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • He clomb the hillock and, counting the stools, found them twelve thousand in number; then he mounted the throne which was set on the centre and, seating himself thereon, fell to wondering at the lake and the stools, and he marvelled till drowsiness overcame him and he drops asleep.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • But the captain arose and tightening his girdle tucked up his skirts and, after taking refuge with Allah from Satan the Stoned, clomb to the mast-head, whence he looked out right and left and gazing at the passengers and crew fell to buffeting his face and plucking out his beard.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • So they clomb over the roofs and coming down through the sky-light, 210 saw him naked and flogging himself and asked him, “What aileth thee, O Khalifah?”

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Solomon, clomb up into it and there sat in silence till the mid-day heat had passed away and it was near upon the hour of mid-afternoon prayer, when they descended and looking about them saw a serpent-couple366 issue from the roots of the tree.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • So they agreed thereon and clomb the mountain and shouted, “Allaho Akbar!”

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night


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