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  • n. Plural form of clostridium.

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  • n. spindle-shaped bacterial cell especially one swollen at the center by an endospore


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  • The caecum in particular, is favourable for the growth of anaerobes such as clostridia and bacteroides.

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  • Proteolytic bacteria such as clostridia, which are part of the normal gut flora, buy generic viagra toxic substances including phenols, indols and ammonia from the digestion of proteins.

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  • We have now shown that genetically engineered clostridia can successfully treat tumors in animals.

    Bacteria Successful in Cancer Treatment | Impact Lab

  • This is supported by observations that the host animal can tolerate populations less than 107 clostridia or enterobacteria per gram of intestinal contents.

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  • Not only do we know someone who DIED after a routine surgery due to a clostridia difficile infection, almost everyone we know gets a staph infection.

    Article on Healing Fermented Foods in Natural Health

  • Other clostridia have the capability to ferment sugars to produce ethanol, butanol, isopropanol, acetic acid, acetone, and similar products, and perhaps the genes responsible for these properties can be incorporated into organisms that can produce alcohols directly from cellulose.

    3 Ethanol Production

  • While organisms used for ethanol production can utilize only the C6 sugars, clostridia can convert both C5 and C6 sugars.

    1 Production and Use

  • Tulane University scientists discovered a strain of clostridia bacteria, dubbed 'TU-103,' that can devour old newspapers to produce butanol, a substitute for gasoline.

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  • Unfortunately there is often a significant population of "bad" bacteria (such as coliforms and clostridia) which, given an opportunity, will disrupt the fermentation - raising the pH and reducing the nutritional quality of the silage and intake potential.

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  • There's some debate but they seem to have high levels of clostridia (C-diff).

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