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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or caused by a bacterium of the genus Clostridium


From Ancient Greek κλωστήρ (kloster, "spindle") +‎ -ial (Wiktionary)


  • Title: Host S-nitrosylation inhibits clostridial small molecule-activated glucosylating toxins

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  • And they all died from the same infection - a fulminant clostridial infection.


  • In addition, clostridial fermentations will be particularly useful for the conversion of sugars from cellulose hydrolysis.

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  • Ewes have all had their pre-lambing clostridial vaccine and I must say they are looking well on a diet of sugar beet and silage.

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  • Vaccination with a multivalent clostridial vaccine is effective at preventing losses.

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  • Given the rapid autolysis, involvement of clostridial infections was considered and further investigated.

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  • The resulting powder was then incorporated into chicken feed and fed to chickens to test their response to clostridial necrotic enteritis, a common poultry disease.

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  • The agency will look at Xiaflex (clostridial collagenase) for the treatment of Dupuytren's contracture, which affects the connective tissue that lies beneath the skin in the palm.

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  • However, questionable hygiene of 'river' systems may have encouraged exposure to clostridial organisms, which are important in triggering fermentation.

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  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for XIAFLEX ™ (clostridial collagenase for injection), a novel, first-in-class, orphan-designated biologic for the treatment of Dupuytren's contracture.

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