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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A mechanical device for wringing the water from wet clothes. It is commonly a frame containing two elastic rollers in contact and turned by a crank, between which the clothes are passed to squeeze out the water.


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  • But on the whole, Elspeth felt rather as if she had been run through a clothes-wringer in the Palace laundry and hung out to dry.

    Widows and Orphans

  • His shirts and sheets pass through an India rubber clothes-wringer, which saves the strength of the washer-woman and the fibre of the fabric.

    Hidden Treasures Or, Why Some Succeed While Others Fail

  • Ranged along the walls of the room are some twenty rough wooden frames, looking like a compromise between a straw-cutter and a sewing-machine, each furnished with two strong rollers operated by a treadle and acting precisely like those of a clothes-wringer.

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 17, No. 098, February, 1876

  • Mrs. Grant was the proud possessor of a very modern labour-saver in the shape of a clothes-wringer, as a consequence of which wash-day was rotated throughout the community, and it was well known that Mrs. Riles and

    The Homesteaders A Novel of the Canadian West

  • A dollar will look a shade smaller than a full moon and I'll cry for joy when I get a clothes-wringer or a washing machine for a

    The Lady Doc

  • But the full ignominy of the task his own mother had set him this afternoon was not realized until he and Genesis set forth upon the return journey from the second-hand shop, bearing the two wash-tubs, a clothes-wringer (which Mrs. Baxter had forgotten to mention), and the tin boiler -- and followed by the lowly Clematis.


  • It will be running the sewing machines, the churns, the ice cream freezers, the ventilating fans, the house pump, the knife cleaner and sharpener, the dish-washing machine, the clothes-wringer and other parts of the laundry, and a host of other domestic utensils not yet invented but much thought about at the present time by a multitude of inventors.

    Niagara Power and the Future of Ontario

  • Her head's as full of nonsense now as an egg is of meat, an 'she wouldn't know a broom from a clothes-wringer after she'd been philandering round a couple of months with people that are never satisfied unless they're peeking into something they can't understand.'

    A Princess in Calico

  • Prince Fiddlecumdoo had never seen a clothes-wringer before, and so pleased was he with the novelty of it that he leaned far out of the pocket to watch it work.

    The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People

  • By and by the giantess brought an immense clothes-wringer from a shelf, and having fastened it to the side of the big wash tub began to wring out the clothes.

    The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People


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