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  • v. Present participle of clot.

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  • n. the process of forming semisolid lumps in a liquid


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  • In children and pets the decrease in clotting ability can lead to bruising of skin and bleeding from those nose, gums, minor cuts, scrapes and internal organs.

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  • As for the components he did say were part of the IC system, they can all be found to be essential in clotting cascade.

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  • As usual I didn't notice until ten minutes later when I looked down and found that my finger from knuckle to finger-tip was covered in clotting blood.


  • a disease in which normal blood-clotting is deficient. - Garcia still making a difference

  • If he's on blood thinners, that's more complicated because you're stopping blood from clotting, which is what you need to happen in the head.

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  • There's also a risk of scar tissue and clotting, which is why patients often receive stents coated with a drug designed to prevent arteries from closing back up, and often must take blood thinners for a while after the operation.

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  • CHIEF MEDICAL EXAMINER: Well, heparin has a very specific path of physiologic response taken causes prolongation of clotting, meaning, that it takes longer for your blood to clot.

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  • That caveat is important because the COX-2 enzyme is present in a wide range of body tissues, and revving up its activity may lead to some serious side effects such as clotting problems, increased sensitivity to pain and even muscle abnormalities. Top Stories

  • In addition to these efficacy advantages, rivaroxaban has other benefits compared with currently available treatment options because it is given as a one tablet, once-daily, fixed-dose regimen that eliminates the need for any routine monitoring (such as clotting, liver function etc) or dose adjustment. 2

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  • Systemically distributed proteins such as clotting factors have been traditionally expressed from muscle or liver to achieve therapeutic, long-term expression.

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