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  • n. Government by clubs or violence; the use of arms or force in place of law.
  • n. In the game of loo, a rule that when clubs are trumps no player may pass or give up his hand.


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  • Trimalchio determined the matter between them, neither of them stood to his sentence, but fell to club-law, and broke each others pots.

    The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter

  • I do not use the word 'honor' with any reference to political principles: _loyal_ and _disloyal_ I take to be merely relative terms in that ancient and formidable court known in this country by the name of 'club-law.'

    Robert Burns How To Know Him

  • Christianity has abolished club-law, and purely moral restraints, or the terror of the penalties of the next world, do not, to the limited imagination of the Fijian, quite take its place.

    Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 6 Sex in Relation to Society

  • England understands by freedom only club-law, with the club always in her own hand.

    Gems (?) of German Thought

  • ` ` Law! 'said Andrew, ` ` hout, ay --- there will be club-law eneugh.

    Rob Roy

  • But as club-law pervaded the ancient system of Scandinavia, Meming had the humour of refusing to work for any customer save such as compelled him to it with force of arms.

    Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft

  • Many was the rude questioner, whose curiosity had been quenched in drink; many the insufferable pryer, whom club-law had been called upon to silence.

    The Complete Prose Works of Martin Farquhar Tupper

  • "So far that is satisfactory," said Adair; "as the fellows can't injure those in the boat; but, notwithstanding that, they may give us club-law or run their daggers into us, so it won't do to try them too much."

    The Three Commanders

  • Not peaceable signing with ink; but browbeating, bloodshedding, appeal to primary club-law!

    The French Revolution

  • Not to say that in these times of discord and club-law, offences and committals are, at any rate, more numerous.

    The French Revolution


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