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  • n. vagina


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  • The show is not above smut: where The Inbetweeners has "clunge", The Big Bang Theory has "coitus."

    The Big Bang Theory has exploded into a hit

  • Let's face it - viewing inadvertent 'clunge' on the net is no new thing - I for one, have plenty of emails offering me viagra, find me on Fu

    Army Rumour Service

  • Meanwhile, the truth behind Nathan's pick'n'mix conviction is revealed, and it involves liberal use of the word "clunge".

    The Guardian World News

  • Could have been Faliraki, Ibiza or the Canaries, but the heroes of The Inbetweeners, Will, Neil, Simon and Jay, take their first lads' holiday in the Crete resort and "clunge capital" Malia.

    On the trail of Hunter S Thompson in Puerto Rico

  • Basically a feature-length episode of the E4 series well, it worked for Sex and the City, the movie follows our four hapless heroes as they head off on a lads' holiday to Malia in search of sun, sea and clunge. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Bird points out that "we don't say clunge" The Inbetweeners' memorable term for the female genitals but all admit that historical accuracy was not their top priority.

    The Guardian World News

  • In the new Inbetweeners Movie, there is a jaw-dropping moment when the boys don pink "Pussay Patrol" T-shirts - and head off to "shoot clunge in a barrel".

    Evening Standard - Home

  • The only chance I had to break her taboo about getting giggy in other positions and 'try something new' without any interference and she dried up like a nun's clunge.

    Army Rumour Service

  • Not in places where not only might you get your genitals sliced up at the age of 6 but can potentially expect to have your clunge filled with sand on a regular basis after you've dropped a few to enhance your husband's sensation.

    Army Rumour Service

  • When the blood had returned to my brain the morbid fascination had taken over and i went for another look only to see the infant slither out of her clunge leaving behind a horrific gaping, gulping, blood and mucus rich mess, like a yawning hippo that been slotted by shotgun in its oesophagus.

    Army Rumour Service


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