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  • n. Plural form of cluster.


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  • Out west means Arnold-grop-n-ator and turning in clusters is code for the neo-nazi-bushco. (no tin foil, just operation paperclip)

    Think Progress » Luskin’s Word Parsing Suggests Rove Is A Target

  • Small, pale yellow to pink flowers hang in clusters from a common stem.

    Mexican mangos: fantastic flavor, big business

  • After a while he found that the snow had disappeared, and that luscious fruit now hung in clusters from the trees.

    Folk Tales From Many Lands

  • And we ` re told they ` re between 7, 8, and 15 what they call clusters, some farther along with the New York Police Department calls the path to terrorism than others.

    CNN Transcript Aug 16, 2007

  • The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) has approved a new generation of cameras that are linked wirelessly and operate in clusters, meaning that speeding drivers will be caught whichever route they take across a wide area … they read numberplates automatically and transmit data instantly to a penalty-processing centre … They are harder to vandalise than Gatso cameras because they are suspended from arms on six-metre poles.

    Blatancy Award

  • At the newly opened Willow Stream Spa, suites are configured in clusters of five singles rooms opening to a communal space for groups to relax together.

    Asia's Top Spas

  • They hung in clusters on the white jasmine which bordered the path; and out of the blossoming maple beside the pavilion their swarming sounded as if it came from the interior of some huge bell which reverberates for a long time after its midday peal.

    A Different Stripe:

  • Grouping them in clusters lets you see the best posts on a story or get a variety of perspectives.


  • Of the returning ants, some were empty-mandibled — but rather than passing their leaf-carrying, slow-moving brethren, they gathered in clusters and moved behind them.

    everyone knows an ant can’t get stuck in traffic | clusterflock

  • Naked men standing in clusters of three vomited on another naked man on his haunches.

    Ii Phaser | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles


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