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  • v. Present participle of clutch.


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  • All this Argument From Tone pearl-clutching is a joke.

    Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Beatings will continue until morale improves

  • Lincoln may not have emerged from his log cabin clutching the Emancipation Proclamation, but what is remarkable about the man is the tenacity with which he held certain core principles and ideas throughout his life.

    The Path To Proclamation

  • It had been an easy enough business, only that in clutching the window frame, the jagged end of the splinter she had run into her hand caught and tore her flesh.

    Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land

  • This is precisely one of those compositions that a cold, clear, shrewd, and sarcastic critic would delight in clutching into his merciless grasp, to tear it into pieces and strew the floor of his study with its shivering fragments.


  • He sat out the final term clutching an eye pack above his left eye.

    AFL Latest News and Broadband

  • After a little Alan said, with the fear which he could not name clutching at his heart, "Why did you say Graham might not be far away?"

    The Alaskan

  • His very soul was on fire at the idea of clutching the weak bishop in his hand, and crushing him with his strong grasp.

    The Last Chronicle of Barset

  • The phrase pearl clutching, which means being shocked by something once-salacious that should now be seen as commonplace

    Slate Articles

  • I think I'll just live an unhealthy, enjoyable life, and die young and unmourned, clutching a kabab in my greedy fingers as I breathe my last.


  • This is the same kind of clutching that has kept yoga part of a tightly knit club for so long, since its introduction in America.

    Tara Stiles: Getting Real About Yoga and Weight Loss


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