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  • n. A specialized .NET class implementing a particular operation in Windows PowerShell.


cmd +‎ -let (Wiktionary)


  • After the AD module has been imported, the Set-ADAccountPassword cmdlet can be used to reset the password.

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  • The string (enclosed in quotes) that follows the cmdlet is the text that is displayed to the user.

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  • There is also an Update-SPUserSolution cmdlet which is used, of course, to update a solution that has already been "activated" that is, deployed.

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  • Cmdlets Windows PowerShell introduced the notion of a "cmdlet" (you pronounce it

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  • I pipe the output of the dir cmdlet into where-object, which allows me to set up a single condition to compare against all of the objects in the pipeline.

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  • Note: dir dir is an alias for the get-childitem cmdlet.

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  • Specifically, good luck using the Set-CASMailboxPolicy cmdlet.

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  • Help text created in Cmdlet Help Editor can be displayed immediately by a Windows PowerShell Cmdlet Help Editor is designed for Windows PowerShell cmdlet developers to make it easy to create excellent cmdlet help.

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  • Once, the export is complete, simply run import-spweb cmdlet.

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  • And in the Powershell script I'm using the Start-Transcript cmdlet to capture the output of each command in that script.

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