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  • n. Plural form of cnidarian.


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  • There's also the weird facet that hox genes are only rudimentary present in cnidarians, making the complexity of wnts even more fascinating.

    Death of a popular anti-ID argument

  • She has very interesting pictures of cephelopods, cnidarians, giant jellies, and my favorite – “nightmares” – ocean creatures that are part nature, part imagination.

    Entropy and Evolution Art Exhibit « Biodork

  • T-box genes abruptly evolved around the birth of metazoans, then diversified into at least three of the five known families and at least six of the eight known groups before the divergence of the cnidarians and the bilaterians.

    As Expected

  • Further studies showed that cnidarians used other genes from the bilaterian tool kit.

    2008 June - Telic Thoughts

  • In some ways, cnidarians are a better model for human biology than fruit flies.

    2008 June - Telic Thoughts

  • The findings have these scientists wondering why cnidarians use such a complex set of body-building genes when their bodies end up looking so simple.

    2008 June - Telic Thoughts

  • But new research has made scientists realize that they have underestimated the jellyfish and its relatives – known collectively as cnidarians (pronounced nih-DEHR-ee-uns).

    2008 June - Telic Thoughts

  • They have concluded that cnidarians may be more complicated than they appear, particularly in their nervous systems.

    2008 June - Telic Thoughts

  • You would think that cnidarians have one, nematodes and insects about 4-5 and vertebrates 12.

    Death of a popular anti-ID argument

  • Sponges (non bilaterians) might have one wnt gene, and cnidarians (i would argue are bilaterians) might have 9, but when did 'bilaterianism' occur?

    Death of a popular anti-ID argument


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