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  • adj. Alternative form of coaxial.


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  • The watch he bought had a built-in co-axial escapement invented by the late George Daniels.

    A Collector's Pendulum

  • Secondary armament 7.62 mm co-axial, 7.62 mm anti-aircraft machine gun

    Shooting Skeet with a Tank

  • The new model is equipped with the brands co-axial escapement invented by the late George Daniels, which, according to the company, delivers greater accuracy and needs fewer regular services.

    An Icon That Withstands the Test of Time

  • They achieve this by incorporating the “tweeter” within the Mid Range speaker – a co-axial speaker arrangement.

    Wireless Waterproof | Surveillance

  • Most of these companies were given tax incentives and monopoly status to be the ONLY ones who could lay fiber and co-axial drops in a given community.

    Firedoglake » Net Neutrality: What Works For You?

  • Hundreds of companies were formed with the sole goal of laying out fiber optic cable and co-axial drops.

    Firedoglake » Net Neutrality: What Works For You?

  • If possible, the aerial for a base station should not be surrounded by buildings or trees, should be located 10 to 20 metres above the ground, and the co-axial cable linking it with the transceiver should be as short as possible.

    5.1 Components of a Logistics System

  • Her bus-bars, instead of being the conventional rectangular coppers, of a few square inches cross-sectional area, were laminated members built up of co-axial tubing of pure silver to a diameter of over a yard'multiple and parallel conductors, each of whose current-carrying capacity was to be measured only in millions of amperes.

    Gray Lensman

  • Conclusion: the lens is astigmatic, or the objective is not adjusted to be co-axial with the eyepiece.

    On Laboratory Arts

  • Messrs A. Gobe and H. Diard, Parisian engineers, produced an eight-cylindered two-stroke cycle engine of rotary design, the cylinders being co-axial.

    A History of Aeronautics


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