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  • n. the relationship of a godfather to the other god-parents, and the legal parents, of a child.
  • n. in a male homosexual couple, the nonbiological father (partner of the biological father) of a child


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  • Had he 1. wrote a blogging tool, 2. went on an incestuous link-whoring spree, and 3. chased down and corrected with religious fervor all the "propaganda machine," he too would've been considered as a "co-father of weblogging."

    blue's news blog - Anil Dash

  • ( 'Godfather, or co-father,' interposed Sherry to me.)

    Cumner's Son and Other South Sea Folk — Volume 04

  • John Conway, a worker in the classification of finite groups, is also a big shot in the sporadic groups, the father of the Conway groups, and a co-father of

    The Reference Frame

  • The money fund co-father and his team respond to regulatory charges.

    We Blog A Lot

  • A top science journalist in the New York Times has written a bizarre article about a couple of even stranger preprints by famous authors - including an early co-father of string theory - that have argued that a mysterious fate guarantees that any attempt to build the Superconducting Supercollider has to fail, and any other collider similar to the Large Hadron Collider has to break as well in order for us not to find the Higgs boson because the Higgs boson is the

    The Reference Frame

  • "Bob Barton was the father or co-father of skiing in Canaan, and really in West Virginia.

    The Charleston Gazette -


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