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  • n. The fact of a thing occurring simultaneously with something else; correlation.
  • n. An instance of a thing occurring simultaneously with something else; co-incidence.

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  • n. the temporal property of two things happening at the same time
  • n. an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another


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  • But one can imagine some kind of statistical technique that will be able to detect the simultaneous co-occurrence of c-fos generation in particular groups of neurons.

    World Wide Mind

  • The co-occurrence of the events cannot be explained as one event causing another event—Jung called the connection acausal.

    The Sacred Promise

  • Again, synchronicities are the highly improbable occurrence of two or more events in close proximity, where one is not causing the other but suggests the existence of some invisible influences or energies causing their co-occurrence.

    The Sacred Promise

  • The co-occurrence of the events is typically highly improbable—meaning that the probability of their occurring, in sequence by chance alone, is very small if not minuscule.

    The Sacred Promise

  • Watson basically doesn't "know" anything, Lenat adds, it just statistically strings together words to come to a confidence level about their co-occurrence with the words in the question.

    What is 'Does Watson want your job?'

  • Each 1% increase in the co-occurrence of a company's name and a fashionable technology was associated with an approximately 0.27% increase in the company's CEO pay the next year.

    The Surprising Role Of Fashion In Information Technology

  • It remains a fact that different structures give you different meanings, and it's not obvious how you could reduce that to simple word order, much less co-occurrence frequencies.

    When is the logically impossible possible?

  • Campbell Webb, working in tropical forests, was the first to explicitly use phylogenetic information to examine and attempt to explain patterns of species co-occurrence.


  • Professors Walt Ossenheimer, a renowned economist, and Arnold Pinkerton, a statistician known for his trailblazing work on latent space approaches to dynamic embedding of co-occurrence data, purport to have established a new mathematical model for aligning historical baseball statistics with those compiled during the so-called "steroids" era, seasons roughly spanning 1995-2004.

    The Sportsman's Daily: New Formula Adjusts Historical Baseball Stats for Drug Inflation; Boosts Ruth's HR Total to 1,030

  • Keeping language and literacy at the center of attention, this volume offers practical ways for ethnographers to sustain their attention to a constant comparative perspective and to patterns of co-occurrence in language structures, uses, and values.

    On Ethnography: Approaches to Language and Literacy Research « Books « Literacy News


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