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  • n. Alternative spelling of coat rack.


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  • If we see Tapper guest spotting on Don Imus's Fox Business News morning program and getting the complete leathery-tongue love-on from the coat-rack cowboy, we'll know something is afoot.

    James Wolcott's Blog

  • Gender conceived of as masculinity and femininity is superimposed upon the ˜coat-rack™ of sex as each society imposes on sexed bodies their cultural conceptions of how males and females should behave.

    Feminist Perspectives on Sex and Gender

  • Nicholson calls this ˜the coat-rack view™ of gender: our sexed bodies are like coat racks and “provide the site upon which gender [is] constructed” (1994, 81).

    Feminist Perspectives on Sex and Gender

  • You know, the critics in the '60s fell all over themselves praising Jean Luc-Godard and Francois Truffaut for "reinventing" the pulp noir story by using the genre as a coat-rack for exisential musings, but "The Killers" goes them one better, in my opinion.

    From Fred Blosser

  • But as he hangs his jacket on the hand-carved coat-rack and rushes toward the wooden stall in back, he doesn't see us.

    Excerpt: Zero Game by Brad Meltzer

  • I copied his arrangement, and then was shown my hook on the coat-rack, and the shelf in the room allotted for my books.

    Shaman's Crossing

  • Her eyes darted to her holster on the coat-rack just inside the kitchen.


  • Paul turned around, twisted one of the handles on the double doors, pulling it open, the moonlight through the big open window spilling into the ante-room, with its chairs, its coat-rack, and its secret.

    Boiling a Frog

  • I made haste to deposit the parcel on the shelf of the coat-rack and reached the door just before the women.

    A Monstrous Regiment of Women

  • I shut the door and lifted a tan raincoat from the coat-rack.

    Prayers To Broken Stones


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