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  • In the past, cobalt-60, a gamma-emitting radioactive isotope, was used as a source of the radiation for food, which tainted the whole enterprise with scare words like "gamma" and "radioactive."

    When Precaution Trumps Public Safety

  • After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, officials determined that the source of the radiation was a "pencil-like cylinder" of radioactive cobalt-60, which was once part of a machine used to sterilize food and eventually made its way to a Saudi Arabian scrap metal yard, and then was inexplicably included in a shipment of more than 22-tons of copper wire.

    8,000 Refrigerated Shipping Containers May Be In Danger Of Exploding

  • Abandoned medical scanners, food processing devices and mining equipment containing radioactive metals such as cesium-137 and cobalt-60 are often picked up by scrap collectors and sold to recyclers, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN's nuclear arm.

    Glowing Budweiser

  • So are technetium-99, tritium, cobalt-60 as well as uranium, radium, thorium and many others.


  • External irradiation can be carried out using a gamma beam from a radioactive cobalt-60 source, though in developed countries the much more versatile linear accelerators are now being utilized as a high-energy x-ray source (gamma and x-rays are much the same).

    Radioisotopes in medicine

  • "Also found was literature on how to build 'dirty bombs' and information about cesium-137, strontium-90 and cobalt-60, radioactive materials," said the Bangor Daily.

    Slain Trust fund millionaire James G. Cummings 'furious' over Obama's election, was making dirty bomb

  • Iron-55 and cobalt-60 are highly radioactive, emitting gamma rays, but have short half-lives so that 50 years after closedown their hazard is much diminished.

    Nuclear waste management

  • Their atoms change into different isotopes such as iron-55, cobalt-60, nickel-63, and carbon-14.

    Nuclear waste management

  • For example, uranium-238 has 0.00015 curies of radioactivity per pound (0.15 millicuries), while cobalt-60 has nearly 518,000 curies per pound.

    Radiation units

  • Their atoms are changed into different isotopes such as iron-55, cobalt-60, nickel-63, and carbon-14.

    Decommissioning nuclear facilities


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