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  • n. Same as cacao-butter.


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  • Across town, Perugia's Beauty Palace offers sweet spa treatments, including cocoa-butter massage, chocolate baths and chocolate-based aromatherapies (beautypalace. it).

    Sweet Valentine

  • With frosted sand-colored hair and a cocoa-butter complexion, Laura Antonelli is at her most delectable in Massimo Dallamano's VENUS IN FURS, a contemporary adaptation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's definitive S&M novel.

    Archive 2008-08-10

  • Assuming CVS refers to the drugstore chain, I think CVS cocoa-butter is to show their common people creditability.

    "Everybody in the world says they’re going to do a television series based on us..."

  • At a meeting on government sponsored food research a few months ago, in New Jersey, for the Institute of Food Technologists, researchers reported on armed forces food research aimed at more compact rations, on turning beef-fat fractions into cocoa-butter like material, on an assortment of really quite minor problems solved with exquisite and costly ingenuity.

    The Twinkies Menace

  • The _cocoa-butter_ when clarified is of a pale yellow colour, and as it melts at about 90° F. it is of great value for pharmaceutical purposes, especially as it only becomes rancid when subjected to excessive heat and light, as to the direct rays of the sun.

    The Food of the Gods A Popular Account of Cocoa

  • _Consolidated Nibs_ -- _i. e._, cocoa-nibs ground between heated stones, whence it flows in a paste of the consistency of cream, which, when cool, hardens into a cake containing all the cocoa-butter.

    The Food of the Gods A Popular Account of Cocoa

  • One variety, called _zaca_, drunk by the Itzas, consisted of cocoa mixed with a fermented liquor prepared from maize; but a more harmless invention was a drink composed of cocoa-butter and maize.

    The Food of the Gods A Popular Account of Cocoa

  • Astringent injections and vaginal suppositories of oak bark, myrrh, and cocoa-butter will usually bring relief.

    Searchlights on Health The Science of Eugenics

  • In America cocoanut-oil or cocoa-butter has been freely used.

    Massage and the Original Swedish Movements

  • White vaselin, on the contrary, becomes after a few massage strokes very sticky; lard does not keep well, but is good when fresh; melted cocoa-butter answers the purpose also.

    Massage and the Original Swedish Movements


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