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  • n. a body of sourcecode (and possibly auxiliary datafiles) used to create a particular computer program


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

code +‎ base


  • Some of the worst code I've had the misfortune of touching in the Mozilla codebase is code related to the handling of prompts.

    Planet Mozilla

  • (I hope the codebase is GPL’ed, so the RIAA can’t kill it.)

    LittleShoot: ‘first true BitTorrent browser plugin’

  • We’re trying an experiment after 2.1 to encourage more frequent release, since the codebase is pretty much “stable” all the time since it runs live on WP. com.

    Denny Crane Gets a Vista Laptop but Forgets F430

  • The XPCOM codebase is too crazy, and Adobe’s simpler codebase will replace it without a doubt.

    Thoughts on Mozilla | FactoryCity

  • All scenarios likely to result from Oracle's acquisition of the copyrights, whatever Oracle's business intentions may be, are tolerable from the point of view of securing the freedom of the codebase, which is the primary concern of the communities I represent.

    GigaOM Network

  • This is an encouraged practice in the Java world that leads to codebase which is more flexible and unit testable.

    Ruminations of a Programmer

  • ... wherein the argument "codebase" points to the absolute domain where I have stored the binary code of AppletDemo, and the file that contains it, AppletDemo. class.


  • Presently Windows Phone is written in Windows Embedded Compact, but there are persistent reports that it is working to create a single codebase across all three in time for next year's launch of Windows 8.

    Head of Windows Phone division shifted to prepare for Windows 8

  • One example of a violation of IP modularity: licensed-in code was distributed throughout the codebase; license was about to expire, creating a classic holdup problem.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Solution: redesign the codebase to modularize so that there were no dependencies between the new platform and the licensed code, changing the transaction situation dramatically and allowing the company to get a new license on favorable terms.

    Archive 2009-05-01


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