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  • n. A mapping to a particular character set, where there are several possible sets that share the same code points.


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  • With this I have to open the file, then make sure to change the "codepage" if it's not on the right one, then I have to IMPORT the file, then I have to go to the list of imported files and open the file.


  • MacRoman was Apple's first codepage, containing most of the accented letters in Latin-derived languages, and MacRoman is still in common use on Apple Macs today.

    The Project Gutenberg FAQ 2002

  • I recently added some code to help a Russian user on a Windows CE machine: apparently, the KOI8-RU codepage is not installed on WinCE, so messages with charset="koi8-ru" were thoroughly corrupted.

    Site Home

  • · Introduced codepage validation for MSI language and MSI properties

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Bulk load data conversion error (type mismatch or invalid character for the specified codepage) for row 67082, column 1 (DateTime).

    MSDN Blogs

  • * Support of any codepage installed in the system;

    Jumbo Software Updates

  • Use a font viewer to view the codepage codes, shxview is not a bad one (DOS based) for viewing. shx fonts.

    All Discussion Groups: Message List - root

  • · Now remembers the last output directory used, and the last subtitle language and codepage

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • - Added fully automatical codepage and language recognition


  • So, the algorithm was required to use 'tags' as described above, but also 'special-case delimiters' to signal the end or start of a codepage.

    MSDN Blogs


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