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  • n. A manuscript volume, especially of a classic work or of the Scriptures.

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  • n. an early manuscript book
  • n. a book bound in the modern manner, by joining pages, as opposed to a rolled scroll
  • n. an official list of medicines and medicinal ingredients

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A book; a manuscript.
  • n. A collection or digest of laws; a code.
  • n. An ancient manuscript of the Sacred Scriptures, or any part of them, particularly the New Testament.
  • n. A collection of canons.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A code.
  • n. A manuscript volume, complete or fragmentary, as of a classic work or of the sacred Scriptures.
  • n. A collection of approved medical formulas, with the processes necessary for forming the compounds referred to in it: as, the French codex.
  • n.

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  • n. an official list of chemicals or medicines etc.
  • n. an unbound manuscript of some ancient classic (as distinguished from a scroll)


Latin cōdex, cōdic-, tree trunk, wooden tablet, book, variant of caudex, trunk.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Latin cōdex, variant spelling of caudex ("tree trunk”, “book”, “notebook"); compare caudex (in botany). (Wiktionary)


  • In the vellum codex, though each leaf might have only one fold, and thus technically be considered as a folio, the actual shape of it was nearly square, hence its name of _codex quadratus_.

    Illuminated Manuscripts

  • “My brother continues to use the word codex to describe the Shroud,” Anne said.

    The Shroud Codex

  • Strictly speaking, a codex is a book or manuscript in European-style format.

    Primary sources

  • The term codex is something of a misnomer but it has become standard usage.

    Primary sources

  • Reading from right to left as the codex is supposed to be read the following panel depicts George Washington and Abraham Lincoln printing erotic images in the green shade of US currency.

    Leanne Goebel: Colorado Councilman May Want to Explore Why Art "Turned Him On?"

  • The rest of the codex is illustrated with comic book characters, religious iconography and imagery, appropriated engravings, Mexican erotica, ethnic stereotypes, Mayan symbols and figures, automobiles, airplanes, and book excerpts.

    Leanne Goebel: Colorado Councilman May Want to Explore Why Art "Turned Him On?"

  • While this codex is in a native or slightly acculturated style, the broken tree motif, for example, is said to show definite European influence.

    Primary sources

  • As McGann has said, what hypertexts make clear about any text texts in codex form, for instance is that they should not [be] primarily understood as containers or even vehicles of meaning.

    Presentism vs. Archivalism in Research and the Classroom: Introduction

  • “But a codex is a book, an ancient manuscript,” Castle objected.

    The Shroud Codex

  • The music in the codex is a topic in itself and offers a wonderful snapshot of the state of music composition in the 12th century: the texts for St. James along with their accompanying monophonic tropes and sequences clearly illustrate how the liturgy was expanded and embellished for a new great feast day.

    Codex Calixtinus


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