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  • n. hydras; polyps; jellyfishes; sea anemones; corals


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  • We may call these the coelenteria and coelomaria, the former are often also called zoophytes or coelenterata, and the latter bilaterals.

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 1

  • In the first are comprised the coelenterata (also called zoophytes, or plant-animals).

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 1

  • Leuckart, the founder of the coelenterata group (1848), has attributed

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 1

  • The ventral cavity, the original organ of nutrition in the multicellular animal-body, is the oldest and most important organ of all the metazoa, and, together with the primitive mouth, is formed in every case in the gastrula as the primitive gut; it is only at a much later stage that the body-cavity, which is entirely wanting in the coelenterata, is developed in some of the metazoa between the ventral and the body wall.

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 1

  • Hertwigs under the title of enterocoela, and were contrasted with the other groups of the pseudocoela (with false body-cavity) and the coelenterata (with no body-cavity).

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 1


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