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  • n. The evolution of two or more interdependent species, each adapting to changes in the other. It occurs, for example, between predators and prey and between insects and the flowers that they pollinate.

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  • n. The evolution of organisms of two or more species in which each adapts to changes in the other


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  • There are many examples of 'coevolution', i.e. where the enemy and the victim influence each other's development in close interaction.


  • In other words, we need to model the “coevolution” of culture and genes.


  • Thanks to the new invention of widespread indirect reciprocity, coevolution bootstrapped the evolution of the social brain of that remarkable creature, Homo sapiens.


  • What resulted as each component moved in step with one another was coevolution, a spiral toward more and more social complexity as language allowed for even more manipulation and deception, and ever more collaboration and cooperation too.


  • Yet each artsy trait is the result of "coevolution for evaluation": It starts out as arbitrary until someone starts to like it.

    How Artistry Evolved

  • Global Metal has rich insights on the coevolution of nation-states in the world system, the challenges of market design, indigenous and hybrid responses to globalisation, and new voices on old debates in heavy metal subcultures.

    Global Metal | Disinformation

  • Apparently the notion of “coevolution” is foreign to the UD poster.

    The Panda's Thumb: Evolution of Creationism Archives

  • However, once it is accepted that the code's history records more than one effect (for example, it is stereochemical but evolved along pathways also), uncertainty about the specific pathways to be chosen for partial coevolution makes it difficult to estimate a fraction of the code potentially attributable to coevolutionary codon assignment (see Coevolution above).

    An Interesting Pattern

  • There are several hypotheses of concern on the origin of the genetic code; frozen accident, stereochemistry, coevolution, and translation-error.

    Chunkdz Comes Out Smokin

  • De Giulio, An extension of the coevolution theory of the origin of the genetic code 2008: The coevolution theory of the origin of the genetic code suggests that the genetic code is an imprint of the biosynthetic relationships between amino acids.

    Chunkdz Comes Out Smokin


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