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  • n. The simultaneous extinction of two or more species (especially when one is dependent on the other)


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  • Host-parasite coextinction and the plight of tick conservation.

    Parasite Rex

  • Rob Dunn: Most of what we know about the relationships between parasites and hosts suggests that coextinction should be at least as common as host extinction - extinction of the things we think about more often, the warm, cuddly, big-eyed things.

    EarthSky 90 Second Podcast

  • Dunn said coextinction is a great loss, personally and biologically.

    EarthSky 90 Second Podcast

  • It's the consequence of what Dunn called 'coextinction.'

    EarthSky 90 Second Podcast

  • Dunn said coextinction highlights the interactions of species and the consequences of extinction.

    EarthSky 90 Second Podcast

  • Whichever explanation turn out to be correct-is coextinction rare or common-the authors argue that conservation of parasites, mites, ticks, aphids, bacteria, viruses, fleas, and lice is important. News

  • Of course, even beginning to address the threat of coextinction raises novel problems. News

  • "On the one hand, growing numbers of studies find evidence of rapid evolution of the ability to survive and reproduce on new hosts … yet, in order to understand the significance of evolutionary responses to estimates of coextinction rates, one needs to know how often such events occur," write the authors. News

  • "Although tens or even hundreds of thousands of coextinctions … are predicted on the basis of coextinction models, few recent coextinctions have been empirically documented," the paper's authors write. News

  • If it is determined that the generalist is actually a number of specialist species, not only would this affect the models predicting coextinction, but also estimations of species numbers worldwide. News


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