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  • adj. Alternative spelling of cognizant.

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  • adj. (sometimes followed by `of') having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception


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  • If you are going through out insults and but the blame out there…how about some recommendations to back it up or to at least demonstrate some kind of cognisant reasoning behind them.

    What did you do this weekend? I waited for gas

  • They also said they are "cognisant" of the risks created by accelerated capital inflows to the region and said they will continue to monitor these, a source of concern-especially for countries with high interest rates like Indonesia that have seen a build up of volatile flows in recent months. | Top Stories

  • The much-publicised case of Samit Patel is instructive, for no one would accuse Mike Newell, his county coach, of not being cognisant of the requirements and endeavouring to encourage him into what amounts to a lifestyle change.

    Cricketers today cannot afford to ape hard-living Ian Botham | Mike Selvey

  • They interested me not so much for their complexity but for their statement about the African mask: they were for the ritual and about the ritual, created by the tourist industry, and the seller was very cognisant of the Cubists referencing African art.

    Marina Cashdan: Lynda Benglis, Shape Shifter and Influencer

  • No doubt cognisant of these realities, in point number two of their statement, The Elders have opined that the initial negotiations should aim at realizing "security arrangements in which both Israelis and Palestinians have confidence", and have called on the international community to assist both sides to arrive at an agreement.

    Sam Sasan Shoamanesh: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

  • Re-building Afghanistan calls for a realistic approach that one would have to be cognisant of several factors.

    Nake M. Kamrany: Reconstruction of Post-War Afghanistan

  • While we need to be cognisant of this petty challenge (lest it grow), it is petty.

    2010 SEN +4 to +8 R at this point… | RedState

  • Any decision on your future service must be cognisant of the many citizens to have suffered your unfailing rudeness and unjustified hostility.

    Police Rudeness Shock « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • Second, on a day to day basis, during journalistic man-in-the-street encounters, I have always found that Americans are far more cognisant of their history, far more likely to ground everyday contemporary political and cultural discourse in that history than are Europeans.

    America's incomplete vision of the past

  • It means to be aware of, to be fully cognisant of something.

    Lucy Mangan: All style and substance


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