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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of cohabit.


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  • My husband and I "cohabited" for 7 years before we got married.

    Marriage (What if No One's Watching?)

  • They "cohabited" with local Caribs, and their offspring became known as Garifunas - people who eat cassava. Top Stories

  • The Mississippi civil rights law, passed in 1865, contained the standard language: “All freedmen, free Negroes and mulattoes, who do now and have heretofore lived and cohabited together as husband and wife shall be taken and held in law as legally married.”

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • English then cohabited not only with William the Conqueror, but also with tens of thousands of French-speakers who followed him into England.

    The English Is Coming!

  • DEAR BLUE MOON: You don't say if you have discussed marriage, but if your boyfriend wants to live together and fold his young son into the household, then it would be best for the child if you two cohabited as a married, permanent couple.

    Ask Amy

  • The data show that those who live together after making plans to marry or getting engaged have about the same chances of divorcing as couples who never cohabited before marriage.

    Report: Cohabiting has little effect on marriage success

  • Of those married 10 or more years, 60% of women and 62% of men had ever cohabited; 61% of women and 63% of men had cohabited only with the one they married.

    Report: Cohabiting has little effect on marriage success

  • Meanwhile, 66% of women and 69% of men married 10 years had never cohabited.

    Report: Cohabiting has little effect on marriage success

  • In Acts o f Faith it was Africa and in Crossers it's the Arizona and Mexican desert where as one of your characters describes, borderland beauty cohabited with violence .... [and the] world of cattle and horses and operatic landscapes, the parallel world of drug lords and coyotes and murder.

    A Conversation with Philip Caputo about Crossers

  • Justin Kurzel and screenwriter Shaun Grant adopt the perspective of the vulnerable and traumatised James Vlassakis Lucas Pittaway, the teenage son of the woman Bunting cohabited with, who was gradually groomed for murder by Bunting until he became an active participant in four of the atrocities.

    Beauty in the horror of Snowtown


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