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  • n. Plural form of coiner.


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  • And drug gangs may have exceeded the ability of word coiners as images spread showing the killers' latest practice: victims whose faces have been skinned and hung on posts or sewn to soccer balls. Front Page

  • KEvron wv = "coiners". i count myself among their ranks.

    Say hello to a whole new level of whiny dumbassitude.

  • But today’s word coiners seem unaware that gender-neutral English pronouns have been popping up, then disappearing without much trace, since the mid-nineteenth century

    the quest for a gender neutral pronoun | clusterflock

  • "They are coiners on a large scale, and have used the machine to form the amalgam which has taken the place of silver."

    Sole Music

  • * I have even been called an ‘ultra-Darwinist’, a gibe that I find less insulting than its coiners perhaps intended.


  • Note the high degree of difficulty demanded of coiners: The wanted word has to apply both to getting wet and to towel-drying.

    Word Fugitives

  • Yet they were also less expensive, since private coiners sold their products at cost plus a modest markup, like other competitive firms, instead of charging the coins 'face value, as governments like to do.

    Argentina Is Short of Cash – Literally

  • About twenty years since, as far as my recollection serves, there was along the frontier an organized gang of coiners, forgers, smugglers, and other malefactors, whose operations were conducted on a scale not inferior to what is here described.


  • Certainly, the war metaphor is pressed into service in so many contexts and in such oblique forms that it's rarely noticeable ( "war on drugs" is taken as literal) even though, Pinker points out, the vast number of expressions conceptualizing argument as war shows that "the tacit metaphor must have been transparent to a large number of coiners and adopters for a very long time."

    Emma Garman: Saturation of Metaphor

  • At one time, not so many months ago, Krauze was prepared to label mainstream IDists, or at least the coiners of ID, as creationists!

    Creationism, defined


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