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  • adj. Having no money; penniless
  • adj. Requiring no coins to operate

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having no coin or money; moneyless; penniless.


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coin +‎ -less


  • We zip past the Fast Lane coinless toll monitor so Barney doesn't have to hear me throwing four quarters in the metal bucket.

    Me & Barney the Purple Dinosaur

  • Going coinless is something that the accounting department thought would be a great idea--like 6:5 Blackjack and making gamblers pay for drinks in the casino.

    Back From Vegas

  • David Anders, a gaming analyst for Merrill Lynch, concurred with the move, adding that the tourist market “is not ready” for coinless slots.

    Brand Sense

  • "It would be good not to be coinless, " Kharl countered, -but I have enough coins.

    Wellspring of Chaos

  • "I told him four, and he said you were worth four, but not a copper more, or he'd be coinless 'fore the grapes were pressed."

    The White Order

  • In a previous life, before kids and before coinless slot machines, I used a coin sorter, simple, and wrapped coins in paper rolls when I reached their threshold, $10 for quarters, $5 for dimes, $2 for nickels, and 50c for pennies.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • With the coinless slots, it is futile to take coin to Vegas anyway, so what is the difference?

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • The trend accelerated in 2003 when the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa opened in Atlantic City as the resort's first coinless casino.

    Berks county news

  • It's seedier than I remember, with Mexicans on every corner handing out calling cards to anyone interested in acquiring the services of a young lady for an hour or so, and the slot machines are now coinless.

    Word Magazine - Comments

  • Before coinless payment technology came on the scene in 2001, gamblers 'winnings clanged into a metal hopper, creating the din that typically greeted casino visitors.



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